What I Do

I’m a Web Design & Development Instructor and Course Content Writer that specializes in web design, front end scripting, internet marketing, and mobile application development courses. I also have experience at the post-secondary level as a Program Manager and Department Chair, skilled in providing department leadership, faculty training, student engagement/retention initiatives, community involvement, and curriculum development.

Teaching has been my trade for many years, having taught at all levels from preK through college, both public and private sectors. I am an Adobe certified educator with a passion for delivering superior instruction and student-centered project based courses. I’m a Michigan dual-certified elementary and secondary teacher (K-8 self-contained, K-5 all subjects, and 6-12 biology, chemistry, and mathematics).

I am always open to online and ground teaching and leadership opportunities within my skill set, both full and part time. Regarding ground teaching opportunities, I live in Grand Blanc, about 15 minutes southeast of Flint, Michigan.

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